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Hello! My name is Kimberly Inez Mays and I help coaches, speakers, and thought leaders elevate their online presence to attract their ideal clients, operate in their zones of genius, and bring their gifts to the world!

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FREE Workbook: 15 Creative Ways to Automate Your Business

You're not sure how to start using marketing, sales, or business automation for your coaching business.

This workbook was created to help coaches like you use marketing, sales, and business automation to achieve your goals. It's filled with step-by-step instructions, examples, and resources that will help you automate your business.

By automating your business, you'll save time and energy so you can focus on what's important - coaching your clients to success!

WORKSHOP: Sales Automation Made Simple February

Happy New Year!

Do you LOVE your SALES PROCESS?Do you even have a sales process?

As you grow and scale your coaching business, it's important to have a solid sales process!

WORKSHOP: Lead Generation Workshop January

Happy New Year!

Are you looking to make 2022 your best year yet?

Wouldn't it be nice to:

  • automatically follow-up and get people booked on your calendar?
  • be able to collect leads ... even while you are on vacation?
  • have a strategy for getting in front of new people?

Kim's Keap Resources - Marketing and Sales Automation

As a certified Keap Partner, you can get discounts on Keap - all in one CRM and Marketing Automation tool. 

And as a bonus, I've compiled my favorite resources, tutorials, webinars, and resources here!

You must be a Keap user to access - ask me for details!

WORKSHOP BUNDLE: Lead Generation & Sales Automation

I've had 2 great workshops on ways that you can get more leads, business, and streamline your sales and marketing automation processes.

Did you miss them? Don't worry.

As I prepare for my next workshop, I'd like to share them BOTH with you.

You're in for a real treat!

WORKSHOP: Content Marketing Automated March

Happy New Year!

Are you tired of spending so much time on CONTENT CREATION?

Did you wish that you could spend more of your time serving your clients (and living your best life)?

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